Wired M-Bus temperature and hygrometer

Temperature and hygrometer for wired M-Bus.

The meter measures temperature and humidity. Mount the meter against a wall where the ambient temperature and humidity are not affected by external heat sources.

The standard mounting plate makes mounting on a wall easy. For the wired meter, there are holes on the mounting plate where the M-Bus loop can be threaded through to connect to the meter.

The meter is identified by the serial number at the bottom edge of the meter. The serial number is also the identification number of the meter's M-Bus secondary address.

General information about the meter

Measuring temperature range : -10°C to + 55°C.
Measuring humidity range: 0 - 100%.
Dimensions: 80x80x25mm (WxHxD).
Weight: 60g.
Enclosure protection class: IP20.
Mounting: Wall or box, CC60.

Please see the meter's manual for complete information.

M-Bus information about the meter

Communication speed: 300, 2400 and 9600 (2400 by default).
Primary addresses: 1 - 250 (0 by default).
Number of M-Bus telegrams: 1
Number of M-Bus loads: 1st (1.3mA).
Standard: EN13757-2 and EN13757-3.

Configuration and testing of PI-TH

Programvaran PiiGAB M-Bus Wizard kan användas för att både testa och konfigurera mätaren.
Mätaren har stöd för att ändra primäradress med M-Bus kommando.
Mätaren har stöd för att ändra kommunikationshastighet med M-Bus kommando.
Mätaren kan kommunicera med både primär- och sekundäradress.

Please see the meter's manual for detailed configuration and test information.

Measuring objects in the meter

Instantaneous temperature: °C.
Temperature, 1 hour average value: °C
Temperature, 24 inch average °C.
Instantaneous humidity: %.
Humidity, 1 hour average: %.
Humidity, 24 hour average: %.

Please see the meter's manual for complete information on what can be read from the meter.

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