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Optimize by measuring!

Remote reading of electricity, heat/cold, and water meters is becoming more common in many industries to get a better overview of your energy consumption. New rules and regulations also make it necessary to follow your energy consumption today. At PiiGAB we can help you to make energy optimization possible. We focus especially in the areas of building, industry and energy. To become aware of your energy consumption will give you the incentive to decrease the usage and therefore the cost. Lowering your energy consumption also has a direct effect on the local and global environment.

We offer open, effective and independent products and solutions within M-Bus (Meter-Bus), Modbus, OPC and other types of communication protocols that make energy optimization possible. PiiGAB also offers services such as education, consultation, as well as different support services. We try to follow our core values on a daily basis: quality, innovation, and interaction as well as our vision ”To make a contribution to the world by making products for energy optimization”.

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