Västfastigheter provides Västra Götalandsregionen with premises primarily for medical services, however the company also provides and manages premises for museums, colleges, and agricultural high schools. Västfastigheter themselves provide maintenance, operations, services and they have the ambition to offer energy efficient buildings. In the year 2013 Västfastigheter was chosen as ‘energy adviser of the year’ for their exemplary and goal oriented work with energy efficiency.

Västfastigheter’s energy ambition is big and has so far given them a very good result. During the last 10-year period they have succeeded in reducing energy usage by 22 percent and they have set more goals for the future. The current goal is to half the energy usage by 2030 and in order to reach this goal they have chosen a solution from PiiGAB.

Earlier Västfastigheter used a pulse solution but wanted to change into an easier and more effective solution in order to gather their energy usage data. They wanted the ability to store values as well as present the information. PiiGAB provides a solution that contains both collection and storage of energy values as well as the possibility to read the values. Our gateways the PiiGAB M-Bus 810 and PiiGAB M-Bus 900 takes care of the collection of all data together with the PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server/PiiGAB Explorer. The OPC Server converts M-Bus to OPC-standard while the PiiGAB Quickloop stores the values and opens up the possibility to visualize the information.

Francisco Prieto, operations engineer and responsible for the collection of the energy data sees the benefit in being able to store information locally with the possibility to communicate with many areas. “Today we have over 2000 measure points only here at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and we just keep adding. To be able to maintain this it is a must to be able to manage everything from one place,” he says.

After the PiiGAB implementation Västfastigheter gained control over their energy usage and were able to start working more effectively with energy efficiency. With the help of our products anomalies were found in the energy usage that could then be looked into. They also started storing the measure points to be able to do comparisons, follow ups and to debug more effectively.

Francisco continues to say, ‘’by monitoring you gain control and can therefore decrease your usage, however a human commitment is crucial”. His dream is that the personnel themselves should be able to view and follow the changes in usage, ‘’not until we are aware can we reach the big goals,” he says.

The most important factor for energy efficiency is to have the right conditions to make each person aware and this is something that PiiGAB can help assist us with.


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Number of measuring points

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Via the gateways PiiGAB M-Bus 810 and PiiGAB M-Bus 900 thousands of measure points are collected, the gateways then transport the information to PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server/PiiGAB Explorer that converts M-Bus-data to OPC-standard. PiiGAB Quickloop receives OPC data, stores the information and opens up the possibility to export the data to a text file or to one/many databases.

This solution gives Västfastigheter the possibility to gather information for the thousands of measure points that they have. They can easily see how much each area uses and they also have the possibility to act fast if an anomaly occurs. This gives Västfastigheter full control and an overview of their energy usage which gives them the power to actively decrease the energy usage.

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