Trends in Europe – "Enlit Europe 2022" 

There is a lot going on in our industry – we at PiiGAB went out on a reconnaissance to see the trends internationally. 

The need to read meters only increases while new insights are highlighted. Data must be shared between producers and consumers to enable reduced energy consumption and monitoring.  

Smart electricity meters and gas meters were highlighted as an important step in this transition and using Smart Gateways is the key to sharing data between different systems. 

Security throughout the communication chain is extremely important and this was highlighted from different directions and not least linked to the world situation. All players in the market need to put more focus on this and the value of security is growing all the time. 

A connectable platform with good processing power, memory space with standard communication interfaces with high security is of great importance. 

Discussions about the structure of the next generation of smart gateways were lifted from different countries where the Netherlands had a clear picture what their needs are; connecting different energy meters, providing different communication interfaces and node functions.  

It is also important to use standard protocols so that data can be easily made available. DLMS/COSEM, Wireless M-Bus, OMS, Lora, MQTT, NB-IoT and WiSUN were highlighted. 

So, in summary, we can state that we are well ahead both in development plans and in readiness for the increased demand for "smart gateways" that we have only yet seen the beginning of. 

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