PiiGAB QuickLoop

PiiGAB QuickLoop is a component that opens up new possibilities for exporting of OPC data.

The PiiGAB QuickLoop software makes it possible to in a simple way export data from many different OPC servers to one or more databases, textiles or XML-files. You can independently format what kind of information that will be sent to the storage space. Choosing sampling time is easily done from the interface and it is also possible to have different times depending on tags or signals.

Please see below for a presentation on what the QuickLoop interface looks like. In the tree diagram to the left you can see your installed OPC servers with configured plc, ducar, and meters. In the window to the right you can see your configured tags, and it is possible to just drag and drop the specific tags to be moved to the log window below. Finally, click on the red start button and your logging will start.

Benefits with PiiGAB QuickLoop

Log data from any OPC Server (OPC DA 1.0, 2.x, 3.0).
Browse tags in any OPC server.
Import the configuration file from PiiGAB M-Bus Explorer.
Export data to a SQL-server.
Export data to a text file.
Export data to a XML-file.
Specify a sampling period on the tags.
Manage projects separately from each other.
Every project is handled as a service.
”Drag and drop” functions.

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