Automation Industries

Automation Industries provide managed custom utility metering solutions and data management for these services for our customers throughout Australia.

B Meters Nordic

B Meters is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of water meters, with high quality, fast deliveries and open M-bus protocols. B Meters also manufactures meters for several OEM customers in Sweden and in Europe.

Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi develops and markets products for e.g. energy measurement. The energy meters are mounted on a DIN rail in an enclosure or in a control cabinet. Measurements are presented locally in a display and can be transferred to systems for monitoring or collection with the most common protocols on the market such as Modbus, M-Bus, etc.

Svenska Elkedjan

Elkedjan is a member-owned company with over 140 electrical installation companies in 190 locations and one of Sweden's largest nationwide chains for electrical installers with high competence in electrical installations and solutions.

Home Solutions

Home Solutions offers property owners, tenant-owner associations and property managers cost-effective digital real estate and measurement services, which both increase housing comfort and improve operating finances but above all contribute to a long-term sustainable society.


Infometric is a leading supplier of measurement collection systems with over 20 years of experience in energy measurement and offers an open system with M-Bus as standard for both cable and radio communication.


Megacon delivers products to a number of specialist areas, primarily linked to electricity and energy. Our customers are among the most competent in Sweden, they rely on the use of our systems and products in their daily operations.

Lansen Systems

Lansen is a European hardware supplier with a focus on wireless solutions and designs, and manufactures smart measurement products that are mainly based on the Wireless M-Bus and the OMS standard. The company has been developing and manufacturing battery-powered sensor systems in Halmstad for more than 10 years.


OpenMetering's basic idea is to provide a complete IMD and IoT platform that can be used by anyone, regardless of where they bought their meters.

Papouch s.r.o

Papouch s.r.o. – system integrator – is a developer and producer offering products for industrial electronics, data communications and measuring technology.

Relay GmbH

Relay GmbH – is a developer and producer of products for M-Bus communication.

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