PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server / Explorer

PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server opens up possibilities to communicate with different M-Bus meters. The M-Bus OPC Server is completely general, meaning you can mix and match M-Bus meters from different manufacturers, independently of if it is single or multi telegram, if it has a primary or secondary address etc. The OPC Server supports serial, UDP/IP and TCP/IP communication.
The PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server is a completely general OPC Server. This means that you can mix and match from different manufacturers of M-Bus meters on the same M-Bus loop. The M-Bus OPC Server supports Variable Data Structure and Fixed Data Structure. It can also handle both primary and secondary addresses.

The OPC-Server is a thin server, meaning that the server and the OPC Interface are completely separated from each other. This means that all necessary configurations can be made without starting the OPC-Server itself.

The OPC-Server is available in four different versions based on the amount of meters or addresses to be connected, 20, 250, 1000 or an unlimited amount of meters.

With version 2.5 for the PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server / Explorer we are introducing a news licensing system.

Upon delivery you recieve a delivery note where a license ID as well as an activation code is included. You no longer have to send in your SystemID for activation. You can also easily move your license from one computer to another on your own, free of charge.

This only applies to version 2.5, for earlier versions the licensing is handeld as before.

With this new version we no longer support hardware key for licensing.

Features PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server

Generic M-Bus OPC Server.
Mix different manufacturers on the same bus.
Single and multi telegram support.
Primary and secondary addressing.
Supports Variable Data Structure.
Support for manufacturer specific data.
Support for serial, UDP/IP and TCP/IP communication.
Thin OPC Server.
OPC Certified.
Support DA 2.00, 2.05a och 3.00.

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