Electricity meter DIN trafo M-Bus

EM24 DIN is a compact energy meter for secondary measurement with transformers, approved for charging according to MID "MI-003" appendix B + D. EM24 DIN measures energy consumption (kWh) according to class B and with an accuracy of 1%.

Communication via M-Bus. EM24 DIN is adapted for mounting on a DIN rail. EM24 DIN measures and presents energy consumption and instantaneous electrical variables. Energy consumption (kWh) is measured as total consumption, net consumption (energy in both directions) and individual phase by phase.

EM24 DIN is easily adapted to what the application requires it to show in the display, from the simplest energy meter that only shows kWh to a multi-instrument that shows all electrical variables in the system. Navigation during programming and between the display pages is easily performed with a joystick in the front.

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