Setup MBus2Modbus

Here follows a general list on how to configure MBus2Modbus, e.g read M-Bus meters with an Modbus clients.

Initialize contact with PiiGAB M-Bus 900/900S and M-Bus meters

  • 1. Set IP-configuration in the PiiGAB M-Bus 900/900S.
  • 2. Testa kommunication with the M-Bus meters.

Note: Verify the gateway’s IP-address, port and protocol and test all M-Bus meters. Use the following as an aid:

Check the license for MBus2Modbus
The license must allow Modbus communication for the gateway. The gateway’s license can be found on the Administrations page. Administrationssidan.

Note: If Modbus is missing it must be ordered. Order it on and specify the following: PI-900_0-Modbus and the gateways serial number.

  • For PiiGAB M-Bus 900 V2: PI-900_0-Modbus
  • For PiiGAB M-Bus 900S: PI-900S_0-Modbus.

Use PiiGAB M-Bus Explorer

  • 1. Create an M-Bus OPC project.
  • 2. Find out what objects can be read from the M-Bus meters.
  • 3. Take note what objects should be read in the meters: Data record, data type, physical quantity and scaling.
  • 4. Find out if any of the meters are multi telegram meters and what telegrams are necessary to read.

Use the Getting started PiiGAB M-Bus Explorer for help.

Configure MBus2Modbus the configuration in PiiGAB M-Bus Explorer

  • 1. Create a Modbus project.
  • 2. Configure the M-Bus meters with the primary or secondary addresses.
  • 3. Conifgure the objects for each meter.
  • 4. Assign the number of telegrams for each multi telegram meter.
  • 5. Assign Modbus registers for each objekt.

Use as an aid:

Upload the MBus2Modbus configuration to the gateway

  • 1. Upload both CSV-files created by PiiGAB M-Bus Explorer.
  • 2. Bind the CSV-files to the Master port and a slave port.

Use as an aid:

Test the MBus2Modbus configuration with PiiGAB M-Bus Setup Wizard

Use the built-in the Modbus client in PiiGAB M-Bus Setup Wizard to test the MBus2Modbus configuration. Use the Getting started PiiGAB MBus2Modbus for help.

Configuration a slave port to communicate with the Modbus client
Configuration a slave port for network or serial connection and Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP.

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