Useful Links

Please see below for a compilation of useful links:

M-Bus related

» M-Bus User Group
The official website for M-Bus User Group.

» DLMS Flag Manufacturers ID
Compilation of manufacturer ID from “DLMS User Association”.

» Beuth Verlag GmbH
Beuth Verlag – DIN’s publisher. Here you can buy the new M-Bus standard EN13757-1 to 6.


Various tools

» Fifo Serial Analyzer
A fairly priced line listener from FIFO electronics.

» Dependency Walker
   Dependency Walker is a free accessory that scans all 32-bit or 64-bit windows modules
(exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical  tree diagram over all dependent
modules especially useful to find interruptions in dll structures.

» Windows Sysinternals
Plenty of free and excellent tools like; Portmon, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, TCPView etc.

» Noll modem emulator (com0com)
A free software to create virtual serial ports. Perfect to use to link together two programs using
serial communication without using cables and additional physical communication ports.

» Lantronix Com Port Redirector
Com Port Redirector is a software utility for network-enabling legacy software applications
that do not have network support.

» Tactical COM Port Redirector
Com Port Redirector that works very well over the internet

» TeamViewer
A program in order to use a remote control session

Install applications (exe files) as a Windows service in a simple way.

»  DataHub OPC Tunneller
With the DataHub OPC Tunneller you can quickly configure robust and secure OPC connections on a network, without DCOM.