M-Bus related

M-Bus User Group

The official website for M-Bus User Group.

DLMS Flag Manufacturers ID

Compilation of manufacturer ID from “DLMS User Association”.

Beuth Verlag GmbH

Beuth Verlag – DIN’s publisher. Here you can buy the new M-Bus standard EN13757-1 to 6.

Various tools

Fifo Serial Analyzer

A fairly priced line listener from FIFO electronics.

Dependency Walker

Dependency Walker is a free accessory that scans all 32-bit or 64-bit windows modules (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram over all dependent modules especially useful to find interruptions in dll structures.

Windows Sysinternals

Plenty of free and excellent tools like; Portmon, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, TCPView etc.

Noll modem emulator (com0com)

A free software to create virtual serial ports. Perfect to use to link together two programs using serial communication without using cables and additional physical communication ports.

Lantronix Com Port Redirector

Com Port Redirector is a software utility for network-enabling legacy software applications that do not have network support.

Tactical COM Port Redirector

Com Port Redirector that works very well over the internet


A program in order to use a remote control session


Install applications (exe files) as a Windows service in a simple way.

DataHub OPC Tunneller

With the DataHub OPC Tunneller you can quickly configure robust and secure OPC connections on a network, without DCOM.

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