Education M-Bus

Almost all of the M-Bus courses are over two days, where the first day is focused mainly on theory and the second day on practical assignments.

Please see below for a typical agenda:

Day 1:
Presentation (course participants, course leader, companies)
General communication (RS232, RS422, RS485, tcp, udp)
Protocolmodels (halv duplex/full duplex, master/slav, event etc)
Datacommunicationmodels (registerbased/objektbased)
Virtual communicationports (Comportredirector)
M-Bus in general
EN1434-3, EN13757-1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6
Protocol structure
Variable/Fixed data structure
Single/Multi telegram
Primary/Secondary Addressing
Reset (SND_NKE, Application reset)
The electrical M-Bus interface structure (meter/m-bus loads)
What is OPC?
Why OPC? advantages and disadvantages?
End of day one



Day 2:
Serial to M-Bus
Tcp/udp to M-Bus
Connecting via modem (10/11bit problem)
GPRS via internet/tunneled
Pulse converters
Digital input moduls
Analog input moduls
Mbconfig (Configuration software)
Ethernet gateway 810/900 including the wizard
M-Bus OPC Server / Citect
Group handling of M-Bus meters
Parameter settings to optimize the communication
Structure a project step by step
Streamlining the total M-Bus project
Application examples
Searching for errors
Future and trends
Questions and discussions