We offer consultant services within a wide range of areas but especially within data communication. Please read more below or contact us for further information.


We offer assistance with taking inventory of existing meters. By doing this we can recommend what existing meters that can be converted into M-Bus as well as which meters need to be exchanged. We can also make suggestions on how the existing M-Bus net can be optimized and/or be integrated with new constructions.

Citect drivers

We can help assist as consultants early on in a feasibility study or in purchases where there is a need to verify the correct communication tools used to best meet the construction standards. We can also take part during and/or after the implementation of the project to assist with for example verifying, testing, and/or optimizing.


PiiGAB offers assistance with OPC related system integration, architecture, design, and development. In the event of an assignment where compatibility, security, and performance are important parameters you can turn to PiiGAB for assistance. We are also working very closely with our partner OPC Labs in the Czech Republic to be able to provide the best service.