At PiiGAB we offer a variety of different services divided into three categories; PiiGAB Academy, PiiGAB Engineering as well as PiiGAB Support.

PiiGAB Academy

One of our greatest strengths here at PiiGAB is our specific competence and long experience within different types of communication protocols. Especially within the M-Bus protocol but also within Modbus as well as other areas such as OPC and Citect drivers. Knowledge is something that we gladly transfer and share with you. We host a number of courses here in Gothenburg throughout the year. We also offer company specific courses so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to take part. Please read more here on what we offer.


PiiGAB Engineering

Consultant services
We offer consultant services within a wide range of areas but especially within data communication. We gladly assist with pre-studies or look at how you optimize your network in the best way. PiiGAB can also help assist on commissioning such as verifying meters, infrastructure, or to tag a project in an efficient manner. Read more here.

Data communication protocols
Do you want to know more on how the communication works? Read more here or contact us and we will assist you.


PiiGAB Support

You can find our support and upgrading agreements here. This is a service to be able to give you the best support possible. If you are curious to know more about these agreements please contact us or read more here.