PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server / Explorer

Here can you download PiiGAB Explorer. Observe that PiiGAB Explorer includes V2.5 of PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server.

PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server opens up completely new possibilities to communicate with different M-Bus meters. The M-Bus OPC Server is completely general, meaning you can mix and match M-Bus meters from different manufacturers, independently of if it is single or multitelegram, if it has a primary or secondary address etc. The OPC Server supports UDP and TCP communication.

If you want to make a test you can show values in demomode during 30 minutes for one port (TCP, UDP or serial) and 20 meters. When you have decided to run in full mode you order only a softwarekey or an USB dongle for 20, 250, 1000 or for an unlimited number of meters.

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