PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server / Explorer

PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server opens up possibilities to communicate with different M-Bus meters. The M-Bus OPC Server is completely general, meaning you can mix and match M-Bus meters from different manufacturers, independently of if it is single or multi telegram, if it has a primary or secondary address etc. The OPC Server supports serial, UDP/IP and TCP/IP communication.

The PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server is a completely general OPC Server. This means that you can mix and match from different manufacturers of M-Bus meters on the same M-Bus loop. The M-Bus OPC Server supports Variable Data Structure and Fixed Data Structure. It can also handle both primary and secondary addresses.

The OPC-Server is a thin server, meaning that the server and the OPC Interface are completely separated from each other. This means that all necessary configurations can be made without starting the OPC-Server itself.

The OPC-Server is available in four different versions based on the amount of meters or addresses to be connected, 20, 250, 1000 or an unlimited amount of meters.


Features PiiGAB M-Bus OPC Server

  • Generic M-Bus OPC Server.
  • Mix different manufacturers on the same bus.
  • Primary and secondary addressing.
  • Multi telegram support.
  • Supports Variable Data Structure.
  • Support for manufacturer specific data.
  • Support for serial, UDP/IP and TCP/IP communication.
  • Thin OPC Server.
  • OPC Certified.
  • Support DA 2.00, 2.05a och 3.00.