M-Bus Driver for Citect

The M-Bus (“Meter-Bus”) is a new European standard for remote readings of heatmeters and it is also usable for all other types of consumption meters as well as for various sensors and actuators.

What is M-Bus?

The M-Bus (meter bus) is a cost-optimized field bus for the transfer of energy consumption data. A central master – in the simplest case a PC with level converter – communicates by a 2 wire bus with the bus users (up to 250 slaves per segment: Heat meter, water meter, electrical meter, gas meter and also sensors and actuators of any type).
More and more manufacturers implement the electrical M-Bus interface with a protocol layer into their meters. The M-Bus is European standard and described in the standard EN1434, EN13757.

PiiGAB has developed a new Citect driver for M-Bus. You can see some of the Key features below. If you have suggestions or ideas in regards to improvement of the driver don’t hesitate to contact us. If you require things such as M-Bus courses, embedded solutions, consulting help etc please contact us.

Key features for Citect M-Bus driver

  • Generic M-Bus driver
  • Supports Variable Data Structure
  • Mix different manufacturers on the same bus
  • Object orientated tag addressing e.g. Drx.Value, Drx.Tariff, Drx.Vib
  • All data types automatically convert to strings
  • Drx.Vib reads standard and manufacturer specific text automatically from M-Bus tables
  • Support for manufacturer specific data
  • M-Bus strings are cached in the driver for better performance
  • Primary and secondary addressing
  • Device/Group-specific parameters in citect.ini
  • Multi telegram support