PiiGAB M-Bus 900S with wireless M-Bus

Wireless M-Bus is an additional hardware that can be implemented together with a software application in the PiiGAB M-Bus 900S, opening up for the possibility to read wireless meters. The Wireless M-Bus application can read up to 500 meters with S. T or C-mode. You can read out the meters’ signal strength and make sure that your antenna and repeater are correctly placed. You can also read out the time stamp.

You can choose between reading out primary and secondary addressing. The meters can read with all the different interfaces within the PiiGAB M-Bus 900S such as RS232, RS485, UDP/TCP or via the M-Bus slave outputs.

If there is a requirement to convert wireless M-Bus meters on to Modbus this is possible with our MBus2Modbus application and if the values should be sent to an ftp server (or HttpPost) this is possible with our QuickPost application.

Suggestions for antennas to the Wireless M-Bus can be found here. The foldable antenna PRO-EX-321is included unless otherwise stated. For other antenna demands contact PiiGAB directly.

Advantages with Wireless M-Bus

  • Converts wireless M-Bus too wired M-Bus
  • Supports M-Bus modes: S, T and C
  • List received wireless M-Bus meters
  • Wireless M-Bus meters can be excluded and included
  • Show signal strenght of wireless meters
  • The M-Bus client can read ouver UDP, TCP, RS232, RS485 or M-Bus slav port.