Technical specification for PiiGAB M-Bus 900S

You can find the technical information about our PiiGAB M-Bus 900S here. For the total technical description, installation tips etc please see the <manual>.

The PiiGAB M-Bus 900S consists of one Ethernet connection, one RS232, one RS485 port, a connection for two external M-Bus masters, four parallel outputs for M-Bus loops as well as a connection for the power supply. Each M-bus output can be turn on or off separately.

There are many LEDs on the front of the M-Bus gateway. These indicate voltage, sending and receiving of used clients and M-Bus master outputs. The voltage LED has different behaviours depending on if there is a short circuit or an overload on the M-Bus loop. Normally it has a solid red light.

The PiiGAB M-Bus 900S is configured via its own web interface. The M-Bus gateway is therefore completely OS independent and the interface is protected from intrusion with a password. The IP- address can also be set via the PiiGAB M-Bus Setup Wizard.

The PiiGAB M-Bus 900S is a completely transparent M-Bus master to which you can connect up to four different clients. The clients can communicate via M-Bus, Modbus, or PiiGAB’s own M-Bus ASCII protocol to read the M-Bus meters.

QuickPost is an additional application to the PiiGAB M-Bus 900S and offers another way to read M-Bus meters and then periodically send the information to an FTP or an HttpPost server.

Modbus2MBus is a additional application to the gateway PiiGAB M-Bus 900S, this application enables communication via M-Bus with Modbus units in your existing M-Bus network. You are also able to extend the M-Bus network with Modbus.


Specification PiiGAB M-Bus 900S

  • M-Bus EN 1434-3, EN 13575-3
  • Number of unit loads 5/20/60/120 (1 load=1.5mA)
  • M-Bus baudrate 300 – 9600 bps
  • Rated Current
    250mA (24V AC, 5 and 20 slaves/loads)
    350mA (24V AC, 60 slaves/loads)
    500mA (24V AC, 120 slaves/loads)
  • Operating temp.: -20°C to +55°C
  • Storage temp.: -35°C to +70°C
  • Dimension WxHxD 107,6 x 90 x 62,2 m.m.
  • Protection type IP 20
  • Housing material: Lexan 940 / VO 1550
  • Supply voltage 24V AC/DC
  • CE proofed