Lightning protection

To protect your products from storms, we recommend installing lightning protection. We offer high quality lightning protection, we also offer test equipment to easily test if your lightning protection works. Please read more below or contact us for more information.

Plug-in - Blitzductor, XT ML2

Optimal protection for communication cables and shielding for current and overvoltage. The module is intended to protect a pair of cables with a shield. Installed on DIN rail together with bass module (XT Bass). You can easily check if the lightning protection works with the LifeCheck instrument, read more about LifeCheck below, without having to remove the protection.

SPD class type 1
Rated voltage level 48V
Can be used for almost all types of applications

Base Module - Blitzductor, XT BAS

This base module is mounted directly on the DIN / standard rail together with the plug-in module (XT ML2). The base module has a continuous circuit, which means that the connected signal is not broken when changing the cartridge. There are no components belonging to the protection circuit in the base module, which significantly simplifies the replacement of a used protection module.

Universal base for XT protection
Grounding via DIN / standard rail
Easy to change the protection module without interrupting communication

LifeCheck SPD Test Equipment

With the LifeCheck test equipment, you can easily test if the lightning protection works. If the lightning protection is broken, you can easily and smoothly replace the plug-in module.

Portable test equipment for lightning protection
Snap in connection to the protectors
Easy control of the protections (Pass / Fail)

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