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New upgrade for PiiGAB M-Bus 900S Wireless

We have released a new upgrade for PiiGAB M-Bus 900S Wireless. Some of the new features are: Add a webpage to edit wireless_include/exclude files. Add user documentation both as an html page in the Wireless web interface and as a pdf file. Add dropdown lists for wireless_include/exclude files. The filenames must start with wireless and end with […]

We are now on Youtube.

We are now onYoutubel! At the moment we are working on material that could be of good use. Here you will find information and tips about our products.  

Summer activity

Hi there! Today we at PiiGAB are out of office for our annual summer activity Therefor we have limitied acces to our phones and also limited possabilities to give technical support. Email us so we can get back to you as soon as we are back! Have a great day!  

Vacation time

Vacation times are coming up and we would like to inform you that the office will be closed during week 29-31. For emergencies during this period please contact us via the info-email. During week 27-31 we also have less personal than normally. Have a great summer!  

New version of the M-Bus OPC server

There is now a new version of M-Bus OPC-server / PiiGAB Explorer available. Features are: Sort your object by name in the tree view. Import of secondary adress with a template. Minor bug fixes. Less memory usage that opens up the possibility to use more channels. Download the new version here.

Decryption of wireless meters

We are releasing a new version for PiiGAB M-Bus 900S Wireless.     * T-mode and C-mode encryption is supported.   * Meterlist can contain meters out of license   * Meterlist with RSSI values both from meter and repeater.   * Meterlist contains information about number of      available meters.   * Improved inclusion/exclusion […]

Happy Easter!

We want to wish you all a Happy Easter and inform you that no deliveries will be shipped thursday. Friday the office is closed. Have a great Easter weekend!

Kick off Friday the 23rd

This Friday we are having a Kick off at the office and it will be a bit difficult for us to answer you calls. For emergencies please email us at or Orders made during Friday will be handeled on Monday the 26th. Have a great weekend! /Team PiiGAB


Today we are having a workshop at the office and it can be a bit difficult to get a hold of us during parts of the day. We will answer calls at the best we can and you can always Contact us by email:

Delivery information

During the holidays (week 52) there will be no deliveries or shipping of goods. If there are any urgent matters during this week, please Contact us by email.