BKK is one of Norway’s most significant producers of energy. They produce and supply electricity to over 180 000 customers all over Norway. BKK have a great environmental commitment and state themselves that “society needs more green energy and great innovative solutions that can contribute to a more convenient and healthier life for the population”. Besides contributing to the environment with climate friendly energy the company contributes to society as well by offering nonprofit educational programs and by sponsoring local sport associations.

BKK is a future focused energy supplier that wants to help navigate the development of climate friendly energy and innovative solutions for infrastructure. The head office is located in Bergen. As of today, BKK owns 30 hydroelectric plants and over 3000 kilometers of fiber net, they are also building and running a district heating plant in Bergen. For some of the households where BKK deliver and supply electricity, they also offer individual measuring of hot water for heating and consumption.

BKK Energitjenster had used the M-Bus protocol for many years but were not pleased with the existing solution. The system was complicated to work with and whenever changes needed to be made, or different type of meters where to be added, they had to turn to their supplier. This consumed both a lot of time and money. The company realized the need for a new communications solution and started the search for a better, more adapted solution for the issue. After several discussions with different meter suppliers, they were told about PiiGAB. This is when Öysten Kjosavik, energy advisor at BKK Energitjenster, contacted us and after that things went rapidly forward. Öysten claims that the fast response and the ambition to deliver a client adapted solution was a determining factor when they chose us. The solution we came up with was both workable and safe but above all it was customer friendly.

Primarily BKK Energitjenster needed a communication solution for a project which measured values, such as heat, water, gas and electricity from each apartment in individual student households. The tenant is charged their own individual consumption. BKK Energitjenster needed this value collection to work efficiently and safely, and we came up with the simple but yet effective solution. Our gateway the PiiGAB M-Bus 900 with the QuickPost application.

The PiiGAB M-Bus 900 collects all the measurement values and the QuickPost application enables the gateway to, on its own, send the values to a FTP server. BKK Energitjenster also wanted an application for configuring the values because of the large amount of meter readings and the time it takes to configure them, was and continues to be all too time consuming. We then developed the application that finds all the meters on the M-Bus network and places them in the correct templates automatically. This saves the company a lot of time and makes them more independent.

Thanks to the traceability from beginning to end, when using the M-Bus protocol, the readouts are more precise and the configuration made easier because of the possibility to connect the meter number to the read out. Öysten states the following regarding the solution: “PiiGAB MBus 900 is a very reliable product and today we have a significantly better control over the readouts, it is easier to add meters and our read-out mistakes have decreased significantly. Today we are more or less self-reliant and if we at any time need help, your distributor here in Norway, Autic or your technicians at PiiGAB, help us straight away. Our working situation is completely different today from what it used to be.“

After the first initial project BKK has gradually begun to exchange their existing systems in their other facilities. Today Piigab M-Bus 900 works as a read out unit in 65 of their facilities. At the moment more than 5000 M-Bus meters are read out all through the PiiGAB M-Bus 900 gateway. As this is written four new facilities are finished, where over 1300 meters are read out divided between four gateways, of which one is Norway’s largest shopping mall. BKK works in line with the motto: “we contribute to tomorrow with new possibilities” and we here at PiiGAB are proud to have been given the opportunity to contribute to this.


Number of PiiGAB M-Bus
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Number of facilities with PiiGAB M-Bus 900s

Solution facts

Via the PiiGAB M-Bus 900 – gateway values are collected from thousands of measuring points. When collected, the values are posted to a FTP server by using the PiiGAB QuickPost application. A configuration application was developed for BKK as well, the BKK Config application. This application was custom-made for Bkk to have a workable and safe solution. BKK Config automatically finds the meters and categorizes them correctly. By using the meter numbers to find and collect the values this ensures secure traceability and simple configuration.

Our solution has contributed to a better working situation as well as a more reliable system for debit /charge(for BKK). BKK now can work more independently and saves a lot of time and money with the PiiGAB solution. The solution will also extensively contribute to the possibility to offer green energy and innovative solutions that will facilitate the everyday life for normal people.

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