PiiGAB Explorer Version 2.5

We are releasing a new version of the PiiGAB Explorer. Version 2.5.

New features:

  • Available as 64-bit version.
  • New handling of licenses: More flexible solution for the software keys. The new version does not support hardware keys (USB dongle).
  • Extended demo mode: Allows up to 20 meters instead of the previous five.
  • Improvements in user experience.
  • Improvements in support for using the keyboard (forms react to e.g. Esc, Enter and Tab). It is possible to copy the tag list to applications such as Microsoft Excel and Notepad.
  • Improvements in server log file: Support for history files. Visual of log file in PiiGAB Explorer.
  • The installation includes templates for selected meters from Lansen and PiiGAB.

For prices and more information regarding the product please contact us!

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