Decryption of wireless meters

We are releasing a new version for PiiGAB M-Bus 900S Wireless.


  * T-mode and C-mode encryption is supported.
  * Meterlist can contain meters out of license

  * Meterlist with RSSI values both from meter and repeater.

  * Meterlist contains information about number of
     available meters.

  * Improved inclusion/exclusion of meters.
  * It is possible to disable use of include/exclude files.
  * Age limit on meter telegrams.
  * New telegram log. Wireless telegrams can be logged for later investigation.

Support for encryption of T-mode  and C-mode telegrams has been added. The encryption is easy
to configure with a csv-file that is upploaded to the Pi-900S.

The number of wireless meters for each gateway is increasing. Distributing a
few thousand meters between a few wireless gateways becomes difficult. To
make this easier the meterlist has been changed to include more meters than
the number of licenses. In this way you can more easily distribute the load
between the gateways in a way that makes the gateways receive information
from the nearest meters with the highest signal strength.

The meterlist now contains RSSI values directly from meter and from a
repeater with hop count value.

The meterlist contains information about the number of meters received
by the Pi-900S.

The use of include/exclude files can now be disabled. This is done to make it easier
for the user to see if there is some error in the include/exclude setup.

Age limit of telegrams has been added. If the age of the telegram is larger
than the limit, the wireless application will not respond to a request to
the meter. The meter will however stay in the meterlist. The meterlist will
contain all meters that have ever been received until the cache is cleared
by the user via the web interface.

A telegram log has been added. The user can log up to 10000 wireless telegrams
at startup for later investigation. The telegram log can be downloaded to from
the PC through the web interface.

You can download the new version here.

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